Meairs Property Inspections

Meairs Property Inspections TREC #20841

Andrew Meairs is the owner of Meairs Property Inspections established in 2013. After 10 years of construction experience building custom homes, Andrew obtained his licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission and is also a member of InterNACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

Message from Andrew:

Meairs Property Inspections is a service that you can trust. I offer general home inspections at an affordable price to my customers.

Buying property is a big decision. Therefore you need to be armed with accurate information in order to be confidant in your purchase. My home inspection service gives you the essential facts you need to know before buying a home. I am committed to point out any areas of concern to you, so you can prevent future problems and rest assured your home is completely safe.

If there are any areas that need to be repaired, I’ll find it. As I walk through each home, I thoroughly inspect the property and take pictures of all the observed deficiencies. At the end of each inspection I review each picture with my clients, giving them an on-site verbal report while also answering any questions or concerns they may have. So when they receive their inspection report, they already have a very good understanding of the real condition of the home.

Before becoming a home inspector, I built custom homes to the specific needs of our clients. Working on a small crew of three I became experienced in ALL aspects of building an entire home. After getting married in 2010 to my lovely wife, Priscilla, I worked as a Police K9 Officer. My work history has developed my eyes to see things others typically don’t.  As a custom home builder, the quality of my work and satisfaction of my customers depended on the ability to see such details. As a Police k9 Officer, I was trained to use all of my senses to see and access what the untrained eye does not, my life depended on it! I took an oath as a K9 officer to serve the community, protect their children, and their way of life as if it were my own. As a home inspector I take that same oath. I will protect you and your family by thoroughly going through your home and ensuring your family’s safety and investment as if it were my own.

My goal is to leave my clients accurately informed and feeling comfortable with the real condition of their home. Each home is built as a system and it fails as a system. Therefore, at the end of each inspection I take time to inform my customers how to do the small things in maintaining their home to prevent the big problems from occurring in the future.

I take great pride in serving my customers not only through the inspection process but long after the inspection is complete. I do not look at the end of the inspection as the end game but rather the beginning of a relationship in which I can offer advice, suggestions, or even referrals going forward.

Before you buy or sell a property, call or email Andrew for an accurate and detailed home inspection in McKinney, TX and the surrounding areas. 

Andrew Meairs

TREC ID#20841
7808 Shasta Drive, McKinney, TX

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